About Us

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort ”
John Ruskin

Our goal is to support the production, marketing, and distribution of spices of the highest calibre in order to assist marginal farmers in establishing stable means of subsistence. Working with small, marginal, and tribal farmers in India’s Western Ghat region, the country’s centre for growing spices, is what we do. Western Ghats, a mountain range that parallels the western coast of the Indian peninsula, is a wholly Indian UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the top eight biological diversity hotspots in the world.

The best agricultural products have been hand-selected by JH Green India Initiatives from this stunning Western Ghats foothill. This has been the residence of diverse agricultural products for ages and is one of India’s greatest granaries. Agriculture from these areas is distinctive for its natural flavour and scent, and it has quickly integrated into world cuisine.

We also support organic  & GAP(Good Agricultural Practice) certified farming in every way possible. In order to enhance competitiveness of Indian spices in the international market, the QCI had launched the INDGAP scheme for small and marginal farmers in Sept 2014. We are associated with India’s first INDGAP  certified farmer group for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy products while taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability. The project is conceived with multiple objectives such as, Quality assurance, Agro biodiversity, Traceability, GAP certification, Mapping of sustainable development goals, Ensuring social security and Export promotion and sustainable exports.


Core values

Core Values We strictly adhere to our core values no matter what. We are advocates of quality, hygiene standards, following the guidelines and bringing happiness to our customers. Quality: We are consistently praised for our quality standards, and we are stringent in ensuring it right from the procurement stage. Hygiene Standards: We maintain extreme hygienic conditions, and customers can be sure of it in all stages. Law-Abiding: All our work processes, including the wholesale, retail and export of our products are as per the prescribed regulations and guidelines, and we don’t tolerate any kind of compromise in it. Happy Customers: Our customers deserve the best, and we strive in putting forth our heart and soul towards their satisfaction.

Our Mission

To deliver fresh spices from the Spice Garden of India without compromising on quality. 

Our Vision

To be on the frontline in acquiring the deserved limelight for Kerala Spices hand in hand with empowering farmers and women.